Process for Implementing Home Visit App

Thanks for opting in! The Home Visit App is a convenient and simple way to facilitate the re-engagement of students and families in your district.

For access to the Home Visit App, please follow these steps:

  • Assign a DISTRICT point-of-contact (District VHV Coordinator) for the Virtual Home Visit Program
    • Name, title, email address, and phone number to be added to MOU
  • Review and sign the Memorandum of Understanding
  • Download District Template All approved teachers for a District must be entered into template and submitted to Stand For Children. All yellow and blue cells are required. Gray cells are optional.


How do Virtual Home Visits work?

See our overview guide here.

Where do we download the App?

The link to access our web-based app will be emailed to eligible teachers identified by the district once the MOU is signed. There is no download involved.

Why do we need a District VHV Coordinator?

Stand for Children requires a person to serve as a liaison between Stand and the district to help obtain and/or distribute any information needed to implement Virtual Home Visit successfully. If the VHV participants or district has questions or needs support, only the District VHV Coordinator will communicate directly with Stand for Children

Why do you need student ID#s?

The Home Visit App is driven by student ID#s. They provide a unique student identifier to ensure the same student is not visited by multiple teachers. It also allows the district to easily conduct data analyses using student ID#s.

How many schools can participate?

There is no limit.  The district must provide Stand for Children with a roster of schools and teachers that the district has approved to participate.

I still have questions. Who can I talk to?