Where a Child’s Story Begins

To really understand a student, you need to know who they are outside of your classroom. A child’s story doesn’t begin and end with school – it’s rooted in their home life.

I chose to participate in the
 Home Visit Project so I could connect with students’ families and get them to open up and become more involved in all aspects of their child’s education and well-being. When educators and families are equal partners in a child’s education, it creates an unbreakable support system that leads to greater academic and personal success. 

Home visits allowed me to see the struggles my students’ families face. In fact, going on home visits showed me that many of our parents who face the biggest obstacles are more involved because they’re determined for their children to do well and pursue a higher education.

Please consider sponsoring a visit today so more educators can connect with families and build support systems to help students succeed.

Thanks to home visits, families can get to know teachers and see us as human beings and everyday people – not just an authority figure who is distant and out of touch. They know our conversations are caring and real!

My hope is that every teacher gets the opportunity to connect with their students’ families through the Home Visit Project. With your generosity, you can make that happen. Sponsor a visit today!