An administrator’s look at home visits

In the 2016-2017 school year, I had the opportunity to attend a home visit with a set of teachers from one of our district schools. The family openly welcomed us and graciously shared what their hopes and dreams were for all their children. 
I remember what struck me the most was how clear the parents were about their dreams for their oldest student, and the way they looked at him  with such awe and admiration — gave me great hope for his future. I believe the trust between school and home increased exponentially during this brief visit. 
“The Home Visit Project is a powerful and simple way to build this trust and connection between the school and the families.”
When I worked in Denver Public Schools, we supported a similar home visit model at the district level. But the Dallas model is unique, and the outcomes truly create strong relationships between parents and educators. 
The Dallas Independent School District is grateful to Stand for Children for developing and building this program over the last several years, and we look forward to continuing our partnership and expanding this opportunity to reach even more families.

Dr. Ivan Duran is the former Deputy Superintendent at Dallas Independent School District and the current Superintendent at Bellevue School District.